Bolivia to Appeal Cancun Agreements in Int”l Court

La Paz, Dec 13. -Bolivia will appeal to the International Court of Justice on the agreements of the UN Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico, which concluded without consensus, according to radio news reports.

Bolivia will file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice, and it will be the peoples and science that will judge the impact of the document, on further contributing to global warming, said the Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, to the radio station "Patria Nueva."

Solon said the Bolivian delegation in Cancun was that the agreements adopted by the 193 countries are an attack on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and a false victory imposed without consensus.

He said that Bolivia suggested going back to the Kyoto Protocol to promote concrete reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bolivia is not willing to assume this responsibility; on the contrary, it is responsible for commitments made at the World Peoples� Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth held in April in Tiquipaya, he said.

The Cancun Agreements, adopted by a majority vote, gives a green light to allowing the planet's temperature to increase by four Celsius degrees or more, which the Bolivian delegate opposed.

Bolivia fought at the Summit to adopt the conclusions of Tiquipaya, supported by more than 35,000 people from 147 countries.

The Peoples� Conference promotes the creation of a Court of Climate Justice to judge and sanction the U.S. and transnational companies pollution the Earth, something that was also forgotten at the Cancun Summit. (Prensa Latina)