Santa Cruz del Sur to reinforce road safety

Santa Cruz del Sur to reinforce road safety Santa Cruz del Sur, Nov 26. –The Local Road and Transit Commission in Santa Cruz del Sur has many work objectives for the current stage, all o f them aimed to reinforce the road safety and the accidents prevention.

It stands out the approval of the Flor de Mayo pick-up point. Likewise, forbidding trucks in and out through K street and the signposting of the vehicular traffic at the 50th Anniversary District are some of the agreements to be solved.

The technical inspections to the transport, such as improving the demands on the fulfilment of the Law 60 and controlling more rigorously the state vehicles traffic’s authorizations on weekends, are part of the group of actions that will be carried out by this commission.

Another aspect will be the analysis of those vehicles not meeting the technical needs required for the transportation of people, taking into account the height of the handrails and other accessories, apart from taking up again the driving licence’s exams in the territory for what it is necessary to improve the status of the signposts.