Pitcher Lazo Confirms his Retirement

Pitcher Lazo Confirms his Retirement Havana, Nov 9. – Cuban star pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo confirmed his retirement of active sport after a long career.

Lazo said in an interview to Granma journal that 20 years is a long time; that young athletes deserve opportunities.

Lazo, 37, two times World Champion, prefers to leave the mound before loosing his power and before batters begin to hit his pitching easily.

He said that retirement should be seen normal because eventually it will come some day and will have to face it although is sad. He also said that is going to be though to be close to his teammates and not to pitch with them.

Lazo, record holder with 257 victories in the Cuban National League, does not want to be considered as the best pitcher in the history of Cuban baseball.

He said that Rogelio García, Braudilio Vinent and Jorge Luis Valdés were better than him.

He admitted he preferred to play as a reliever in difficult situations and in a crowded stadium.

He confessed that he remembers with tender the decisive victory in the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996.

Lazo, who is sponsoring the children's home without family protection of Pinar del Rio, said that will devote himself to teach children.

Lazoâ�Ös Stats:

-Made his debut in the Cuban National League in 1990-1991with Forestales team.

-In 1991 he joined the team who participated in the World Youth Championship.

-Since 1965 he became part of the cuban National Baseball Team.

-He is second in strike outs in Cuban baseball history with 2 426, after Rogelio García (2 499).

-He is the most outstanding pitcher in Cuban National League play offs with 29 victories and 311 strike outs in 402,2 innings.

-He is the record holder with 257 victories in the Cuban National League.(Prensa Latina)