Ackonwledgments for Sport Activists in Santa Cruz del Sur

Ackonwledgments for Sport Activists in Santa Cruz del SurSanta Cruz del Sur, Oct 22. –The Annual Local Full Meeting of Activists and Voluntary Popular Councils (CVD), based in Santa Cruz del Sur, counted on the attendance of all the areas of the territory and turned into an apportune moment to draw up new lines of work, with the purpose of spreading sport here.

Santa Cruz del Sur counts on 525 activists, clasified into the phisical culture specialities, recreation, handyicapped people and a support group spread in 39 CVDs, 9 in cooperatives, 14 of base and 16 in entities of the territory.

The debates of the assistants were focused on the need of working harder on the sport practicing, on the making of sport equipments with own resources and on the joining of more people to practice them.

Special acknowledgments to Francisco Hernández Pérez and Ángel Ventura Bass for the work done during the summer time.

Likewise the best workers by cathegories were selected, best activist in phisical culture, Abilio Walcott, in sports, Luis Pérez Valladares, as judge and referee, Noel Cruz Morales,and as worker’s club that o the Fishing Industry, the Arroyo Blanco and Caparrós Territorial Cirucunscription, and Horacio Cobiella as CPA. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)