People agreed to launch priority tasks in Santa Cruz del Sur

People agreed to launch priority tasks in Santa Cruz del SurSanta Cruz del Sur, Oct. 15. –Some 34 accounting Assemblies from the delegates to their electors have been developed in South Camaguey, according to the local Government until October 8th.

Eighty one ideas, out of the 178 set in the meeting, are supposed to be solved by the entities, and the rest by the community. Where 83 commissions were created in order to answer some oh those approaches.

Likewise, the repair of the roads, the public lightening and the hydraulic installations are among the tasks to be done by some of the entities from this territory in this first accounting process in its fourth period.

In this sense, the creation of commissions is focused on the energy saving, house by house, to reduce the number of consumers that have not paid the electric devices delivered by the program yet, and also to devote some days to the cleaning and beautification.

The ideas set have counted on the support of the residents of every district, which stimulates some 187 people and 22 organisms in Santa Cruz del Sur because of their work.  (Rolando Canaura Sánchez/ Radio Santa Cruz)