Upcoming Carnivals in Santa Cruz del Sur

Upcoming Carnivals in Santa Cruz del SurSanta Cruz del Sur, Sep 7. –With the purpose of celebrating very profitable popular parties this year in Santa Cruz del Sur, members of the Local Recreation Commission, implied people in the preparation of the least details in order to bring satisfaction to the people and to meet the demands before the usual traditional activities in this territory, are ready to do anything to offer a true show to South Camaguey.

The South Camaguey- Carnival is expected to take place next October with the choices identifying this southern territory, which include the food stuff selling certified by the Health Sector, authorized staff prioritizing the welfare of the costumers as well during the parties 

Since this moment, members of this Commission analyze the preparation process of the eagerly waited popular parties. These people are going to be constantly informed about the consumption of alcoholic beverages and will work together with the professionals of the Electric Basic Organization during the festive days, so a call was made to the resident area with the purpose of saving energy and cooperate with the eficiency.  (Yamilé Agrenot Castillo / Radio Santa Cruz)