Fidel Castro Pays Another Visit to Havana Aquarium

Fidel Castro Pays Another Visit to Havana Aquarium        Havana, Aug 3. -The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, paid another visit to the National Aquarium, accompanied this time by the U.S. journalist and Middle East expert Jeffrey Goldberg.

Goldberg, who writes for The Atlantic Magazine, interviewed Fidel Castro on Sunday, the Granma newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Cuban leader's visit to the Aquarium occurred 45 days after he visited that scientific and recreational facility in July. On that first visit, he was accompanied by Julia Sweig, an expert with the Council on Foreign Relations, a U.S. think tank.

Adela Dworin, president of the Cuban Jewish Community, also attended the aquarium's underwater dolphin show, unique worldwide.

The aquarium's board of directors welcomed the visitors and explained the facility's work, its exquisite care for animals, and the characteristics of the dolphins.

They also explained the methods used to determine the age of dolphins and establish communication with them through touch, as well as other scientific issues of interest.

Fidel Castro and his companions enjoyed the show, congratulated the trainers, who also perform underwater choreography, discussed international issues, and recalled Fidel Castro's visit to the Cuban Jewish Community on December 20, 1998. (Prensa Latina)