Acknowledgments to CWF linked entities in South Camaguey

Acknowledgments to CWF linked entities in South CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Ago 20. -Since August 18th and until August 23th many entities from Santa Cruz del Sur receive the 50 Anniversary Centers condition. This distinction is bestowed upon institutions linked to the CWF (Cuban Women Federation) tasks, since we are about to celebrate another anniversary of this mass organization.

Among the various activities added to this initiative, it is necessary to mention the celebration of several acknowledgment acts and tributes to the founders of the group, to base leaders, internationalists, collaborators and CWF cadres. 

The chosen place for today’s act is the Popular Council of Haiti at 3 pm, while Cándido González. will host the same ceremony at 8 pm sharp.

The people from La Jagua will also be able to enjoy tomorrow this acknowledgment party and tribute. And people from La Caobita will celebrate on August 23th along with the residents of Cuatro Compañeros. . (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)