Fidel Castro Meets Colombian Senador Piedad Cordoba

Fidel Castro Meets Colombian Senador Piedad CordobaHavana, Aug 13 .- Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro met with Senator Piedad Cordoba, main figure of the Colombians for Peace Movement.

During the friendly meeting held on Thursday, both leaders exchanged views on the peace process in Colombia, the situation in the region, and the danger of a war in the world, the Cuban TV mid-day newscast reported.

Fidel Castro and Cordoba expressed optimism in the peace triumph and the construction of a new world, where human specie can use intelligence and accumulated knowledge.

Cordoba requested Fidel Castro to meet again on Sunday with a group of main leaders struggling for peace in Colombia.

The revolutionary leader agreed, as he says the union of that South American people is an important factor to avoid humanity collapses in a nuclear explosion, the note states.

The Colombian senator congratulated the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba on occasion of his 84th birthday, and gave him several books on the history and current reality of her country.

Fidel Castro gave the senator and her assistance Danilo Rueda autographed copies of his book "La victoria estrategica" (The Strategic Victory).
(Prensa Latina)