Continental Bolivarian Movement Backs Venezuelan Process

Continental Bolivarian Movement Backs Venezuelan Process Caracas, Aug 5. – The Continental Bolivarian Movement (MCB) supports the revolutionary process headed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with a series of activities in what they call the Our America Admirable Campaign, Bolivar Lives.

Carlos Casanueva, member of the group and of the Communist Party of Chile, said that in the coming days they will hold events in Venezuela to demonstrate that support and organize others for the same purpose in Mexico, Chile and the Basque Country in Spain.

Casanueva said he and his comrades are in favour of peace between Caracas and Bogotá, which is why they approve of the bilateral agreement proposed by foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro to international organizations.

According to the MCB spokesman, the MCB is in Venezuela to express their support to Hugo Chavez and their decision to defend that process.

He said that the tour in the country comprises an anti-imperialist tribune and solidarity actions in the neighboring state of Aragua, where a politico-cultural ceremony will be held next Thursday.

"The next day we will travel in a caravan to Caracas and will march to Plaza Bolivar, and then we are going to hold a seminar in the combative "23 January" neighborhood, he said.

The MCB was created in this capital in 2009 as a result of a meeting of the workers, students, indigenous movements, peasants and left wing groups of 30 countries who thought that regional stability was threatened by military bases installed in Colombia.(Prensa Latina)