Bolivia to Inaugurate Fidel Castro Department

Bolivia to Inaugurate Fidel Castro Department La Paz, Jul 31. – The Cuban Embassy in La Paz and the Bolivian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba will inaugurate a department called Fidel Castro"s Thought Free Department in a few days, as reported by official sources Friday.

The Cuban Embassy minister consultant, Danilo Sanchez, confirmed to Prensa Latina that the inauguration is foreseen for the middle of August in Cochabamba (center of Bolivia).

The Department will work especially in the School of Trade Union Formation that assists graduate courses in that city for professors, especially coming from the rural area, and has the academic support of a Canadian university.

According to the president of the solidary movement, Remberto Cárdenas, it is hoped to ensure an academic reach similar to that of the classes they teach in the most outstanding public universities in the country.

Among the contents included in the program there are The State, the Revolution, the Imperialism and the Anti-Imperialism, The Economy (especially the so-called Third World), The Global Warming and The Imperialist Wars.

Cárdenas added that the Department will work in secondary school centers, unions, social movements, workers of the field and of the cities, peasants, indigenous, local meetings, women and young people.

The speeches, declarations, manifestos, reflections and books of the Cuban leader's interviews will be of preferable consultation, although not the only ones used in this task.

"The recognition and the discovery of Fidel's thought, will help us Bolivians to read our reality and that of Latin America much better, as well as the international situation, always changing," Cárdenas pointed out.

He pointed out that the diffusion of Fidel Castroâ�Ös ideas will help the Bolivians to elaborate a strategy to defend, to consolidate and deepen the process of changes in Bolivia.(Prensa Latina)