USA: Expert Sees Hope for Early Stop to Oil Spill

USA: Expert Sees Hope for Early Stop to Oil SpillWashington, Jun 18. -British Petroleum (BP) is drilling two secondary wells on Friday that will end the Gulf of Mexico oil spill early, a US university expert asserted.

The spill could end by early July, said Jorge Piñon, a professor with Florida International University and a former BP executive, in an interview with CNN.

Piñon stated that although he does not want to create false expectations, the leak from the well drilled by a Deepwater Horizon rig could end before August.

On Thursday amidst ongoing investigations, US congress members criticized BP's policy and agreed that the company made risky decisions regarding the design of the well that caused the disaster in the Gulf.

Tony Hayward, BP director general, was a target of heavy criticism when he appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Fifty-nine days after the crisis began, the executive refused to give details of the ongoing investigation in an attempt to lessen the barrage of congressional criticism.

The businessman said he was not involved in making decisions aout the equipment and or methods used to drill the well. (Prensa Latina)