Mother of One of Cuban 5 Gives Lectures in Ecuador

Mother of One of Cuban 5 Gives Lectures in Ecuador        Loja, Ecuador, Jun 7. -Irma Schewerert, mother of Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cubans that have been imprisoned in the United States for over 11 years for fighting terrorism, gave a conference in Ecuador Loja National University.

The meeting at the Auditorium of the Law School of the 151-year-old University was held within the 15th National Assembly of Solidarity with Cuba, following Rector Jorge Reyes's welcome to the Cuban delegation.

"It is not the Cuban Five, as they are known worldwide, whom the United States is punishing, but the Cuban people's honorable and unyielding resistance to an over 50-year criminal blockade," explained Irma.

In addition, Irma voiced her matherly love for the rest of the antiterrorist group: Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labanino, and asked for solidarity to persuade the US administration to reverse the verdict with their release.

"They (The Five) will return to Cuba thanks to the international campaign to set them free," she stressed, and said that there are solidarity committees in a large number of countries sending words of support to their cells.

The students termed important the information they were given, new for many, due to the silence Washington has imposed on the media, and voiced admiration for Irma's courage and strength.

On behalf of Ecuador's University Students Federation (FEUE) of Loja, its President Marco Alvarado announced plans to set up a Committe to Free the Five, whom he termed examples of the Cuban people's dignity.

Legislators Mao Moreno and Nivia Velez welcomed Irma early in the morning in Catamayo Airport, 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Loja, where they reiterated their support of the efforts to release the Five Cuban heroes. (Prensa Latina)