Cuba Needs to Reinforce Defensive Capacity

Cuba Needs to Reinforce Defensive Capacity        Havana, Jun 4. -Seeking solutions to complex socioeconomic problems and increasing Cuba's capacity as of defense and disaster situations were key subjects analyzed by President Raul Castro, during the enlarged meeting of the National Defense Council.

The forum was held on May 28 at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry (MINFAR), with the participation of leaders from the party, the State and government, the Young Communist League, and grass-root organizations, according to a text published by Granma daily.

Cuba Needs to Reinforce Defensive Capacity        The meeting was informed about plans and programs to cope with disasters or complex situations, in the socioeconomic activity, Civil Defense, information technology, communications, and other affairs linked to the strengthening of the national defense capacity.

According to the report, the assessment of the country's possible economic panoramas in the coming years was instructive.

Ramon Pardo, chief of the Civil Defense's National General Staff, explained the studies conducted to reinforce the country's capacity to face disaster situations, chiefly quakes.

He noted the Meteoro 2010 Exercise has two parts, one held in May and the other to be carried out late this month.

Preventive measures to protect the country from the consequences of accidents like the black tide spreading in the Gulf of Mexico also centered the analysis, as well as experiences on elementary military training. (Prensa Latina)