US Oil Spill: Devastating and Incalculable

US Oil Spill: Devastating and IncalculableWashington, Jun 3. -Environmentalists, political figures and different sectors are considering the effects of the oil spill caused by the accident in the rig that was extracting crude in the Gulf of Mexico as devastating and incalculable.

More than 42 days have passed since the accident in the rig operated by the British Petroleum company (BP) took place, but the tragedy has not ended yet despite the efforts and strategy changes of the company and US authorities.

The worst ecologic disaster in the history of the United States is causing the death of birds, whales, shellfish, mollusks and other species that inhabit in that zone and in Louisiana's wetlands, estimated Mexican Secretary of the Environment Juan Rafael Elvira in statements to the CNN television channel.

Engineers and technicians have not found yet a way that stops or diminishes the spill despite the failed attempts carried out.

After affecting Louisiana, the oil slick is around 15 kilometers (9, 3 miles) from the beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

Specialists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stated that it is virtually certain that the slick reaches the coasts.

This will threaten the place of visit of 80 million tourists per year, who generate one million jobs and more than $60 billion in income annually.

On Thursday, the BP expects to success, find a relief regarding the current situation and stop the advance of the oil slick that it already doubles the size of Jamaica, according to satellite studies. (Prensa Latina)