Aid Flows to Guatemala Affected by a Climate Tragedy

Aid Flows to Guatemala Affected by a Climate Tragedy        Guatemala, Jun 3. -Humanitarian aid arrived by land for Guatemalans affected by a tropical storm alter overcoming obstacles in the main highways of the country.

However, there are still isolated communities by floods and landslides for which this aid arrives by helicopters, explained President Alvaro Colom.

Colom expressed sorrow for the loss of lives caused by hurricane Agatha that numbered, according to recent reports, 158 dead, more than 100 disappeared and 87 wounded.

This balance, although preliminary, could have been larger had there not been an early warning that saved many lives, expressed Colom in his weekly radio program "Despacho Presidencial".

His opinion was backed in the transmission by the executive secretary of the National Coordinator for the Reduction of Disasters, (CONRED), Alejandro Maldonado.

Maldonado explained that the number of victims was reduced by an efficient activation of that system, both by CONRED and the National Seismology, Vulcanology, Metrological and Hydrology Institute.

Support in food and basic articles after their evacuation from risk localities, many of them lost their homes and crops.

In permanent contact with authorities of the regions hit, Colom informed the mayors to send requirements to guarantee aid to the needy to the governors of the departments.

On the other hand, the United Nations organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) joined the team headed by Agriculture, Livestock and Food minister in charge of evaluation damages to crops,

The team will prepare a strategy to respond to rehabilitation of agriculture products for the poor rural population hit by Agatha, said a FAO representative in Guatemala, Ivan Angulo, and reported in the local press. (Prensa Latina)