In Santa Cruz del Sur Summer Live it at the doors of its inauguration

Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 28.- In Las Brisas, a gastronomy unit located in the Santa Cruz community of La Playa, there are intense tasks focused on painting and renovations of its facilities on the occasion of the inauguration on Saturday of Summer 2019.

In addition, arrangements are made in wooden benches, incorporating others of the same type, including improvements of guano covers, with the resource itself, in rustic structures, to provide better services during the holiday period.

On the other hand, directors of the entities that have the highest incidence in summer activities in Santa Cruz del Sur finalize details for the show that will start at ten in the morning with the participation of local artistic talent and participation games.

During the day in Las Brisas, various gastronomic and commercial offerings will be sold, as well as the dairy products company Caribe and the recreational center La Gaviota belonging to the fishing enterprise of the territory.

Likewise, there will be stands selling of the Ideal Market, the Currency Collection Stores, the CIMEX corporation and some self-employed people who obtain permission to sell in the beach area and some of these will remain until the end of the summer.

The blood alcohol level will also be established and qualified with trained personnel are some of the measures to be taken in Santa Cruz del Sur to prevent traffic accidents in the stage.

During this stage, moments of great significance will be prioritized, the beginning of summer, on July 21 Children’s Day, on July 25, awaiting the Day of National Rebellion, on August 12, youth day and on the 23rd, the Federation of Cuban Women and the closing of the summer.

The popular councils will also have their celebrations on Sunday, June 30, where they will ensure services of Commerce and Fishing enterprise of the municipality, and will be previously made appropriate arrangements in the entities for the enjoyment of Santa Cruz and visitors.(Translated by Jesus Mazorra / Radio Santa Cruz)

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