Plot by Venezuela Business Leadership Denounced

Plot by Venezuela Business Leadership DenouncedCaracas, May 12. -Venezuelan unions and lawmakers have warned business leaders are involved in conspiracy activities, accusing them of trying to redo the actions that led to the 2002 coup.

According to the denunciations, a business sector headed by the Federation of Trade and Production Chambers (FEDECAMARAS) has instigated stockpiling of basic products to speculate with prices.

The vice president of the Social Development Parliamentary Commission, Oswaldo Vera, said the action is intended to blame the government, and cause discontent among the population, ahead of the September parliamentary elections.

The official noted business leaders have in mind a plan to overthrow the government of President Hugo Chavez, whom FEDECAMARAS leadership blames for the lack of several products and price hikes.

Vera particularly accused FEDECAMARAS President Noel Alvarez of trying to get the support of Venezuelan workers for his ploy, with calls to dialogue and unite.

According to Orlando Castillo, spokesman of the Socialists Workers' Front, the business group carries out a media campaign against the government and its economic policy to cause destabilization.

He denounced they acquire hard currencies for their imports with a preferential exchange, and then excessively raise prices of the final product using the level of the so called parallel dollar.

By doing so, Castillo added, they have amazing profit and play dirty with the Venezuelan State, which they accuse of being responsible for the high inflation rate (5.2 percent in April). (Prensa Latina)