Climate Summit Analyzes Final Declaration

Climate Summit Analyzes Final Declaration Cochabamba, Bolivia, Apr 21. -The World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth is analyzing on Wednesday its Final Declaration, which will be presented in this city in the afternoon.

The Univalle Auditorium, at the Cochabamba University, will be the stage to present working groups' conclusions and the project of the Peoples' Final Declaration.

Concrete initiatives in defense of environment will be tackled at the coming UN World Summit on Climate Change, slated for late this year in Mexico.

Panels as "Climate debt, what is and who is the responsible?" will be attended by Canadian political economist, journalist and writer Naomi Klein, among other experts, at the Regina Hotel.

Also on the list are "Defending a common strategy after Cochabamba" and "Government's Perspectives on climate change's negotiations," both at this city's higher education center.

Parallel to this event is the inter-continental meeting on climate crisis and alternative visions of the Latin American, Asian, African and European civil society.

The arrival of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, Ecuador's Rafael Correa, Paraguay's Fernando Lugo, and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega are also expected today.

The Summit was opened on Tuesday with a colorful mythical-religious ceremony and the characteristic music of Bolivia, attended by Andean priests and representatives from indigenous peoples from the five continents of the world.(Prensa Latina)