Cuba Decries Disinformation Role at UNESCO

Cuba Decries Disinformation Role at UNESCO Paris, Apr 8. -Cuba condemned on Thursday at the UNESCO the role of transnational disinformation "due to its divorce from the reality of the developing world, and the promotion of a single and standardizing thought."

Addressing the 184th Executive Council of the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), Juan Antonio Fernandez, president of the Cuban National Commission at the UNESCO, termed disappointing the panorama in the communication and information sector.

The Cuban delegate slammed the mechanisms that have allowed the cult of the market, "which talks of freedoms and pluralism in its reports, but condemns free software."

Fernandez banishes the necessary search of a new communication and information order, with an ethical and responsible journalism, which develop intelligence and raise people's consciousness about the serious dangers humanity is currently facing.

The island's delegate referred to the structural crisis that shocks and threatens survival of the human specie.

He termed the Education sector a resounding failure, recalling the almost 800 million illiterate people in the world, in which two third of them are women.

Talking about Haiti, Fernandez praised the opportune and decided action by the UN agency's chief to recover and cooperate with that Caribbean nation, devastated by a powerful earthquake on January 12.

Cuba has focused cooperation in the framework of the Program for the Reconstruction and Strengthening of the National Health System in Haiti, with the Haitian government, and the cooperation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and other countries, he said.

Fernandez finally stated that his country terms total relevance the debate of the Council Agenda's point 37 about the Palestinian heritage sites Israel has seized.(Prensa Latina)