Cuban Five Send Message to Young Communists

Cuban Five Send Message to Young Communists Havana, Apr 4. –  The five antiterrorist Cubans imprisoned in the United States sent a message to the delegates of the Ninth Congress of the Un Young Communists League (UJC), which conducts the plenary session today led by President Raul Castro.

In the message read at the beginning, the fighters argue that the participants in this congress will enrich and strengthen the Caribbean nation.

There are challenges in the present and there will be in the future in a world that "observes with admiration our example of resistance" expressed René González, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernandez to the youngest.

The country and the world will need and expect a lot from you, and we can not renounce to laugh or sing or to continue fighting, emphasized those who remain in U.S. jails since September 12, 1998.

They also called for the inexperienced to be worthy of those many impetuous and dreamy youngs who put UJC at the pinnacle of Cuban history.

We will continue in the battle for truth and justice. They also said they never did anything for money and always lived modestly and humbly.

The Five, as they are known internationally, were arrested on that date when they were monitoring actions of criminal anti-Cuban groups settled in Florida in the southern United States.

Numerous testimonies of American high ranking military leaders evidence that they never acted against the security of this powerful nation.

We do not regret what we have done to defend our country, we are innocent, emphasized the Cuban anti-terrorists.(PL)