Venezuela Tightening the Screws on Corruption


Caracas, Dec 4 .-Venezuela’s government is tightening controls to rout out corruption from the country”s main industry, the Minister of Oil Manuel Quevedo assured.


The official said the Presidency will check all contracts, assets and services of 262 companies which are under Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), as well as the work of 100 managers of the State-run enterprise.

The objective -the Minister added- is to stop defrauding, guarantee contracts and safeguard public assets.

The State will check every detail so that the oil industry presents real balance sheets of their activity at national level and in every area, he went on.

On Sunday, President Nicolas Maduro denounced multi million losses as a result of corruption plotted by Diego Salazar Carreño, presumably linked to the case of the Andorra Banca Catalana.

Maduro thanked the Attorney General of the Republic, now headed by Tareck William Saab for uncovering this widespread case of corruption that caused the nation multi million losses. (Prensa Latina)