Neighborhood Vigilance Exercise in Cuba

Neighborhood Vigilance Exercise in CubaHavana, Jun 7. -The largest Cuban neighborhood organization announced a vigilance exercise throughout the country at the end of the month with priority placed in localities with more criminal incidents.

The practice will be done from the 23rd to the 26th of this month with the slogan, Defending socialism, explained Miguel Marrero, Vigilance Secretary of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in statements to the National News Agency.

Our intention is to detect and correct deficiencies and allow a revitalization of the popular guard duty, Marrero pointed out noting the participation of 18,000 regions in the island of the organization founded in September 1960.

In addition to crime prevention, participants will attend citizens who are sentenced to home arrest, those who have been released from prison and potentiality of crime.

The CDR have been the agglutinating factor in the barrios to solve health problems, recover raw material and attend vulnerable sectors as well as organizing volunteer work for the beautification of the neighborhoods.

Founded on September 28 of 1960 the Committees (as they are referred to in Cuba and abroad) were decisive in the success of the first massive vaccination campaign in 1962 against diseases that have been eradicated such as measles and German measles.