[:es]Spaniards Claim U.S. Blockade Against Cuba to Cease[:]


Madrid, Jul 29 .-Hundreds of Spaniards marched in this capital to demand U.S. blockade against Cuba to cease, on occasion of the island”s National Rebelliousness Day.


The rally summoned by over 20 political, youth and solidarity organizations to mark the 65th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada garrison, exploit that was the motor of the triumphant revolution in the island on January 1, 1959.

Banners of Cuba, the 26th of July Movement, of the Communist Youths of the iberic country and of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain stood out in the colorful and peaceful march, extending through all Atocha street until the emblematic Puerta del Sol.

Cuba is and will be example of dignity; Viva Cuba, Fidel and Che or The People Decides and it is Right, Viva Socialist Cuba and the Revolution, were some of the slogans hoisted by demonstrators, mostly youths.

In a manifest read at the central Madrid square when the march ended, it was recalled that in 2019, sixty years of the triumph of the revolution in the greater Antilles will be marked. ‘From the first day of its liberation, the Cuban people is suffering the non-declared war by U.S. imperialism imposed on their country’, denounced the text.

For the friendship associations with the Caribbean nation, that economic, commercial and financial siege has become de facto in the most bloody weapon used by successive U.S. administrations against the Cuban people.

Despiote all aggressions and blockade of over half a century imposed by the United States, Cuba maintained and deepened its social and revolutionary policies, as well as its internationalism, which started from the 1st of January, emphasized the communiqué.

‘Cuba practices internationalist solidarity, mainly with peoples who have suffered colonialist and now imperialist domain’, it stressed while quoting, among others, the support of the island to Palestine and Western Sahara in the health and educational fields.

‘The defense of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and the rest of the popular processes by Cuba shows its commitment with the peoples and its constant struggle against the United States that tries to recover what it considers its backyard’, it stated. (Prensa Latina)