Human Error Caused Plane Crash in Cuba in May, 2018

Havana, May 17 .-Human error caused the Boeing 737-200 of Mexican airline Damojh to crash in Havana after takeoff on May 18, 2018, killing 112 people, Cuban aeronautic authorities officially reported.


In a series of actions, the pilots wrongly calculated weight and balance of the plane and this led to loss of control and ultimately crashing during the takeoff phase, stressed the Institute of Civilian Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC, in Spanish).

The aircraft that had been chartered by Cubana de Aviacion from Damojh for domestic flights on the island basically. The crew was Mexican and there was only one survivor.

The investigating commission reached that conclusion based on flight data recorded in the black boxes and from the analysis of aeronautic standards for that particular flight.

IACC acknowledged cooperation by the people, institutions, the National

Board of Transport Safety, the US manufacturer Boeing and the Mexican aeronautic authorities during the investigation to find the cause of the accident.

The only survivor was Cuban Mailen Diaz Almaguer, 20, who underwent a complex recovery process.(Prensa Latina)