Geoscience Convention to Gather World Experts in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 5 .-The 8th International Convention on Earth Sciences will gather in Havana from April 1 to 5, 2019, experts from around the world interested in updating knowledge and innovations in these disciplines.


President of the Cuban Society of Geology (SCG), Kenya Nuñez, informed Prensa Latina that the most important event of these sciences in the country will host five main congresses, referring to geology, mining, oil, computer science applied to geosciences and geophysics.

Nuñez referred to the workshops, symposiums and round tables in which the sessions will take place to analyze more than 700 works that gather results of investigations referred to multiplicity of subjects derived from these practices in 132 Cuban institutions and abroad.

Parallel to the Convention, she stressed, will be a fair with services and products, while in the days prior will be taught courses on processing and analysis of GNS data, related to GPS measurements with accuracy, and geophysical equipment.

The SCG president emphasized the analyses to be generated in the Convention about these geodynamic studies with global positioning and in real time, preceded by a workshop held here at the National Center for Seismological Research (Cenais) in collaboration with French experts.

She also indicated they will be the continuity of these spaces, in pursuit of the most precise determination of the movements of Caribbean tectonic plate in its links with the Cuban archipelago, based on advanced technologies currently in use worldwide.

Some 300 specialists from 32 other countries are confirmed for the event, which will be attended by some 600 Cubans from universities, research centers and production and service companies.

Among the keynote addresses by personalities linked to geosciences, Nuñez highlighted the one addressing the current situation and prospects of oil production worldwide, by a senior director of the International Congress of these fuels. (Prensa Latina)