First Stage of Electronic Government Concludes in Cuba

Havana, Apr 18 .-The Presidency of Cuba announced the conclusion of the first stage of the country’s electronic government, consisting of the presence of all ministries and other institutions on the Internet with their own websites.


On its Twitter account, the Presidency of the Republic noted that the issue was recently discussed at a meeting chaired by President Miguel Diaz-Canel to debate the achievements in the computerization of society, one of the priorities of his government.

The second stage aims to achieve that those websites not only provide information but also guarantee interaction with citizens.

According to a summary published by local media, Minister of Communications Jose Luis Perdomo pointed out at the meeting that it is time to develop the stage of interactivity with the population from the websites, whose biggest challenge is the design of procedures in an agile manner.

The minister noted that the key to continue to make progress in the electronic government is to boost the computerization of the country’s public registers.

Regarding the most complex elements to develop in the second stage, Perdomo noted that special attention must be paid to the upload and download of forms, mainly in services and procedures offered by the competent bodies or institution, local media reported.

Another important aspect for the success of the electronic government and the computerization of society in general is to promote cybersecurity.

In that regard, the meting followed up on the measures taken in that direction by the Council of Ministers.

President Diaz-Canel instructed to prioritize the issue and to work on the training of the leaders in charge of boosting Internet security. (Prensa Latina)