Mass Support for Chavez in Caracas

Mass Support for Chavez in CaracasCaracas, Jul 1. -Bolivar Plaza became a center of mass support for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday, a day after he sent a message from Cuba about his health.

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Shortly after Chavez addressed the nation and the world, many people began arriving at the plaza very early today to express support for and solidarity with the president, as well as their confidence in his recovery.

Socialist deputies Aristobulo Isturiz, Cilia Flores, Blanca Eekhout, and Dario Vivas were among the Venezuelans who joined the mass demonstration of support for Chavez.

"We must be very proud of our leader Hugo Chavez. In these difficult times, Chavez is rising to the occasion. Every man and woman is a Chavez on the street," said Isturiz, who is the first vice president of parliament.

Meanwhile, Eekhout affirmed that the Venezuelan people are with Chavez, and would welcome him with open arms for the great presidential race in 2012.

The people took the streets to express solidarity with the president without being called to do so, said parliamentary deputy Carlos Sierra, who ratified Chavez as the people's candidate in the next presidential elections. (Prensa Latina)