Cuban Medical Services Company Promotes its Offers in Spain

Havana, Jan 25 .-Cuban Medical Services Marketing Company (CSMC) is launching its product portfolio at the Spanish Tourism Fair, one of the most prestigious in the world.


According to a statement issued by the Cuban entity, CSMC will make presentations about its offers and will take advantage of this opportunity to meet with travel agencies, insurance companies or representatives of international associations.

The company, which also fosters educational, academic and research options linked to the health sector, highlights as one of its strengths the export of medical services with specialists who are fully familiar with the more than 250 medical programs Cuba currently provides to the international market.

The 39th edition of the Spanish Tourism Fair (Fitur), which will officially be held from Wednesday to Sunday 27 in Madrid, this year welcomes 886 exhibitors, 8.3 percent more than the previous one, with 10,487 companies from 165 countries, the organizers said.

A Cuban delegation, headed by the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero, participates in the exhibition. Regarding Cuban-Spanish relations, Manuel Marrero declared Spain is still Cuba’s main investor in tourism.

Marrero, speaking at the 22nd Ibero-American Conference of Ministers and Businessmen of Spanish Tourism held in Madrid, said his country is at its best moment for foreign investment in various sectors of the economy, including tourism.