Cuba Works to Scale Down on Road Accidents

Havana, Aug 21.- Cuban authorities are nowadays stepping up their efforts to downgrade road accidents, where two people die approximately every 24 hours.


The prevention work is pivotal, but it cannot be forgotten that the key element to reach this purpose is the awareness of each driver, as stated by Hugo Morales, head of the National Department of Driving License of the Ministry of Interior.

It is essential – Morales said – the rigorous monitoring of all rules and principles set up by safe driving system. There are currently in Cuba about 1,630,000 people with driver´s license, hence the call for strict compliance with Law 109 Road Safety Code is maintained, he said.

That is why the National Department of Driving License adopted a group of measures, including driving re-examinations of offenders, a method that, according to Morales, forces them to be more prudent and responsible on the road.

In this regard – said Morales – 533 cancellations of driver’s licenses were carried out, 28 out of them for driving under influence (DUI).

The main causes of this driver’s license suspension are linked to four key factors: speeding; violation of law 109 on not stopping at a stop sign, at the red light and DUI, he explained.

All these infractions, he added, provide for penalties for driver’s license cancellation for a specific period, depending on the characteristics and incidents of the drivers. (Prensa Latina)