Cuba with a Strong Development of Natural Medicine

Havana, May 24 .- Natural medicine in Cuba has the best indicators as a sign of the upward development of this activity since the 60’s of last century, Granma newspaper highlighted.


The Cuban Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal said during a working meeting led by the President of the Councils of States and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel, about the increase of the basic range of natural products to 153 assortments of which 97 are made locally and 56 in industries.

He also pointed out the revitalization of 26 centers of local production of medicines in which 837 equipments aimed at production and quality control were introduced.

Portal highlighted that late in the first quarter of 2019 more than 46 percent of the doctor’s and family nurse’s offices have Acupuncture sets and the implementation in all territories of basic courses to treat emergencies.

Diaz-Canel insisted on defending at all times the scientific validation of each technique or product and called attention to the importance of taking advantage of the existing potentialities in the laboratories to increase production, as well as to achieve packaging with better presentation and public finish, according to the presidency’s website.