Cuba maintains sanitary control in commercial activities

Havana, Feb 20.- The granting of the Health License as a previous condition in those activities that manipulate and elaborate food, is one more way to preserve the population’ s health in Cuba.


Resolutions No. 179 and 403 of July 2, 2018 and October 23, 2019, respectively, both issued by the Public Health Minister, establish the health hygiene requirements for obtaining this document in the various activities of self-employment.

This portfolio, as the governing body of food safety, empowers health inspectors to act against illegalities and health violations.

The Public Health Ministry recommended on its website to comply with the five safety rules such as: keep everything clean, including surfaces, equipment and handlers, use safe and sanitary water and raw materials, avoid cross contamination between raw and ready-to-eat food.

The Environmental Health Directorate, through the State Sanitary Inspectorate (ISE), controls and enforces the legal provisions related to hygienic-sanitary and anti-epidemic standards.

The objective is to prevent, reduce or eradicate contamination of the environment, including food, as well as to improve the living, study and working conditions of the population, points out the work published. (Prensa Latina)