Best graduated student of Santa Cruz secondary school has the study as the first duty

Santa Cruz del Sur, June 21.- Adolescence winks at the 14-year-old student. She smiles contentedly before the photographer’s camera. Leidi Laura Fuentes Sosa has just finished the student stage at the Camilo Cienfuegos basic secondary school in the town. It turned out to her surprise, the best ninth-grade graduate.

Since elementary school his parents and teachers have taught her that the first duty is study. She fulfilled so elementary task in a pioneer  to the letter in the basic average education, where she assumed several responsibilities in the collective and detachment.

She participated in competitions at municipal and provincial level in the subjects of Spanish, History and English, events in which  she was stimulated, in the case of Spanish, with gold and silver medals at the level of municipality and province, in the same order.

Unforgettable will be,she  confirmed, the Camilo Olympics, contest that during several courses  Physical Education teachers organize in the campus of the same name, the meetings of local history, cultural activities, recreational, among others, which she  enjoyed to the fullest with the comrades of desk.

She said she will miss his teachers, especially Joan Michel Cebrián Soto, the base guide, to the classmates. In short, everything that has to do with that beautiful stage of his student life.

The uniform of the white blouse and the yellow skirt will remain as a special memory preserved in the wardrobe. Starting in September, the communicative school girl will embark on a new stage in the Henry Reeve pre-university in this region.

Leidi Laura may have new responsibilities in the group or in the collective, but her essential duty, the study, will keep her enlightened in the future not so distant to be able to aspire to a university career related to medicine.(Translated by Jesus Mazorra / Radio Santa Cruz)