UNEAC awards literary prizes in Cuba and Cintio Vitier scholarship

Havana, Oct 20.- The Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) delivered the literary awards of the entity in its 2021 edition and the Cintio Vitier Creation Scholarship, on the centenary of the famous researcher.


The evaluators awarded the Jose Rodriguez Feo Literary Translation Prize to Jose A. Cantallops Vazquez for his work ‘Plegarias atendidas’ (Heard Prayers) and distinguished Maria del Carmen Muzio with the Enrique Pyñeiro Biography Prize for ‘Una cubana insurrecta'(An Insurrectionist Cuban).

According to the jury, Cantallops Vazquez’s text stood out among the rest of the nominations for the solution given to the problems presented by the use of a common language.

Meanwhile, Muzio’s text stood out for its approach to the life trajectory of patriot Magdalena Peñaredonda, who became an essential figure in the history of Cuban women in the political struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Cintio Vitier Creation Grant went to the ‘Retamar at the Last Station’ project, presented under the alias Caliban and authored by Yamil Diaz Gomez.

On the day of celebrations for the Cuban Culture Day, the meeting at the UNEAC headquarters concluded with the presentation of the Ronald y Explosion Rumbera group, exponents of Cuban rumba, which a few weeks ago was named Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

(Prensa Latina)