Fidel Castro: Vietnam, Unforgettable Memories

Fidel Castro: Vietnam, Unforgettable MemoriesHavana, Cuba, Sep 17.- Unforgettable Memories is the title of an article by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, recalling his visit to Vietnam 40 years ago and the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people against US troops. The article was published on Saturday by Granma newspaper.

In his article, Fidel Castro also referred to the US threats on Syria and that the risk of such conflict has diminished thanks to the Russian initiative.

Russian foreign minister Serguei Lavrov spoke on behalf of the government of that valiant country and could contribute to avoid a world catastrophe. The US people, on their part, strongly oppose a political adventure that would affect not only the United States, but humanity all, Fidel wrote.

Fidel recalled that in an article he wrote on February 14, 2008 ( he cited information on Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who was defeated by Barack Obama. However, McCain managed to return to the US Senate where he is putting huge pressure on the government, so that Obama finally attacks Syria.

Fidel Castro recalled that the Sarin Gas is as lethal as atomic radiations and that nine countries already have nuclear weapons, which are even more lethal that Sarin Gas.

Russia has about 16 thousand nuclear heads and the United States possesses about 8 thousand, while China, being a solid economic power, has the capacity for Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) with the United States.

Meanwhile, Israel is more powerful in terms of nuclear technology than France and Britain; however, Tel Avid does not admit a word about the huge funds provided by Washington in the nuclear area, said Fidel.

This suffering humanity is now waiting. We are not few, we are more than seven billion human beings, most of whom are children adolescents and youths, Fidel noted.

The article recalled Fidel Visit to Vietnam 40 years ago, in which he said that he did not have the privilege of meeting Ho Chi Minh, the founder of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Then, he recalled his February 2008 article by referring to a work by ACN journalist Lino Luben Perez, who cited his statements on January 1996, during a ceremony for the 7th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. On that occasion Fidel said that Cuba is not only willing to give Vietnam its sugar, but also its blood, which is more valuable than sugar.

The ACN article– Fidel recalled—referred to the fact that thousands of Vietnamese youths studied Spanish and English in Cuba for years, while a large number of Cubans learned the Vietnamese Language in the Asian country.

Haiphong harbour, bombarded by the US planes, welcomed Cuban boats loaded with sugar, while hundreds of technicians worked during the Vietnam war in the construction field.

At present, bilateral economic collaboration and political relations between the two Communist Parties are excellent and even keep growing, Fidel noted.

And he explained that the risk of a conflict to break out in Syria with disastrous consequences seems to have diminished thanks to the intelligent initiative of Russia, which kept firm in front of the US intention to launch a military attack against Syrian troops. Such action could claim thousands of Syrian lives and even unleash a conflict with unimaginable consequences.

The US people, on their part, strongly oppose a political adventure that would not only affect their country, but also humanity all, Fidel Castro concluded.