Artistic Activities in Havana Mark Fidel Castro’s 87 Birthday

Artistic Activities in Havana Mark Fidel Castro’s 87 BirthdayHavana, Cuba, Aug 13.- As part of celebrations on Tuesday for Fidel Castro’s 87 birthday, an arts fair takes place in downtown Havana, which includes book launches and music concerts.

The Cuba Pavilion, just few blocks from Havana’s seafront drive and venue of many cultural activities, is hosting the presentation of a book entitled Fidel Castro: Soldier of Ideas. Communication Means and Technologies by author Omar Perez Salomon.

The book is a compilation of excerpts of speeches, reports and interviews classified by the author in sections, such as free speech, access and spread of Internet contents and brain drain, among others.

Author Perez Salomon is a telecommunications engineer and official at the Communist Party Central Committee.

A music program includes the presentation of popular singers and bands that will celebrate along the people the birthday of the Cuban Revolution leader.

The artistic initiative is part of a permanent arts exhibit inaugurated June 29 with 80 stands deploying a large array of items, including crafts, paintings, utilitarian products, and books for adults and children.(ACN)