US Anti-Cuba Policy, the Tomb for Ethics and Rationality

US Anti-Cuba Policy, the Tomb for Ethics and RationalityHavana, Cuba, Aug 2.- The inclusion of Cuba in Washington’s list of states sponsors of terrorism exposes the fact that that the US policy of Cuba is a cemetery for ethics and rationality, said Cuban American scholar Arturo Lopez Levy.

In statements to PL news agency, Lopez Levy said the US action is another politicking maneuver by a stubborn minority of the Cuban community in the United States.

Levy, who is candidate to a doctorate in International Studies at the Josef Korbel School of the University of Denver, noted that the issue is particularly harmful to bilateral US-Cuba relations.

According to the scholar the US blacklisting of Cuba as a state sponsoring terrorism presents the island as a threat to the United States, which favors certain climate of tension in which unexpected incidents by provocateurs may generate a security crisis. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).