Cuba Hosts Convention on Bio-Energetic Medicine

Havana, Jun 4. – With the development of many courses and pre-congress workshops, the 4th National Convention of the Cuban Society of Bio-Energetic and Naturalist Medicine, Bionat 2012, will open in Havana on Monday.

Issues such as oriental medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, micro-systems and other Asian techniques are included in the scientific agenda, in which complexity, science and tradition will merge.

Magneto-therapy applied to acupuncture points, surgical acupuncture analgesia, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, synthetic drugs based on natural products (phyto-apitherapy), aromatherapy and medicinal mud are also on the list.

The forum, which will take place at Havana's Conference Center until June 8, is being held parallel to the 5th National Congress on Homeopathy and Floral Therapy, the 4th National Congress on Asian Traditional Medicine, and the 3rd National Congress on Magneto-therapy and Natural Products, as well as the 3rd National Symposium on Traditional Therapeutic Exercises.(Prensa Latina)