Reinforcing Health Systems to Ensure Anti-HIV Therapy

Reinforcing Health Systems to Ensure Anti-HIV Therapy Washington, May 7. – Latin American and Caribbean countries should reinforce their health systems to advance the universal access to the antiretroviral treatment (ART), according to a report from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

According to the document, the region has the highest figures of ART coverage. However, the shortage in medical supplies and cost effectiveness in the use of schemes can impede the sustainability of the program.

Under the title "Antiretroviral Treatment in the Spotlight: a Public Health Analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean," the text discusses the existing vulnerabilities and makes recommendations to reinforce health systems. It also mentions some challenges to ensure effectiveness and efficacy in using those products.

The report also evaluates data on ART price patterns, acquisitions and consumption, HIV-TB co-infections, and the dependence on external financing, among other issues.

The document concludes that most patients receiving ART in Latin America and the Caribbean are taking secure and effective medicines.(Prensa Latina)