Prensa Latina to Launch S.O.S. Amazonia

Prensa Latina to Launch S.O.S. AmazoniaHavana, Feb 2. – In order to safeguard the heterogeneous wealth contained in the Amazon region, considered the world's green lung, reporters and editors from Prensa Latina news agency made a call in this regard in its book, to be launched at the 21st International Book Fair of Havana.

The book, co-published by the publishing houses Letras Urgentes and Ciencias Sociales, contains 56 journalistic works on rescuing the cultural, ethnic and environmental heritage of the world's most exuberant and largest forest area, which occupies nearly half of South America.

"S.O.S. Amazonia" is a compilation of articles wrote by 14 communication professionals for various services of the Latin American News Agency, founded in Havana over half a century ago.

The 300-page book updates and reflects the major geopolitical, environmental, cultural, mining and agricultural issues in recent years in the "homeland of water", as Brazilian poet Thiago de Mello called the Amazonia.

At the same time, the book deals about the incidence of such conflicts in indigenous and peasant communities in the region, in the interests of the eight countries that converge in the Amazonia, and in the region as a whole, in an era of reorientation of military strategies to territories of natural value.

With this book, Letras Urgentes confirms its willingness to address regional issues collectively with materials written by correspondents and journalists from Prensa Latina's main newsroom and correspondent's offices in 27 countries.(Prensa Latina)