Over 30 Deaths by Attacks in Afghanistan

Kabul, Jan 6. -Over 30 dead people, including eight soldiers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) force, was the outcome of several bombing in southern areas of Afghanistan.NATO reporters not define the nationality of the casualties, which so far this year amounted 19.Media reports in Kabul also quoted, the deaths of four policemen and eight civilians, including four children by explosions in the provinces of Kandahar and Uruzgan (south region).

At the same time the web site Casualties informed of a bomb explosion in a mine road that killed at least 18 people, but it not define if they were civilian or military.

In 2011, 556 foreign militaries of the occupying troops died by violent actions, 418 of them were Americans; this number represents the second more lethal year since the invasion in 2011. (Prensa Latina)