Syria Holds War Games

Damascus, Dec 5. -Syria´s missile forces held war games using live ammunition to test this type of armament to confront any attack, the General Command informed.Sunday´s drills also assessed the training of the troops that accurately carried out the project, achieving outstanding results, the military source noted.The rest of the Armed Forces also carried out different maneuvers with live ammunition and diverse armaments including aircraft and combat helicopters, the communiqué highlighted.

The drills took place amid the intensification of the hostile Western campaign, supported by the Gulf States, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and spearheaded by Turkey, whose anti-Syrian statements have intensified.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense General Dawood Abdullah Rajiha underlined that the military forces, commanded by President Bashar al-Assad, will continue to be loyal to the mother country and defend the interests of the Syrian people, SANA news agency reported. (Prensa Latina)