Brazil Dissents from UNDP Human Progress Indexation

Brasilia, Nov 4. -The government of Brazil dissented from its 84th ranking among 187 countries in the United Nations Development Program Human Development Index.From acting President Michel Temer -President Dilma Rousseff is in France- through Social Development Minister Tereza Campello and the President's General Secretary Gilberto Carvalho, voiced their disagreement with the UNDP system to arrange its HDI-2011.

VP Temer adds "it is not their intention to cast doubt on its system, but Brazil has had some advancement in human development, a progress it logically fetes.

He reminds the report did not measure minimum salary revaluation, improvement of the family basket (Brazil supplies additional aid to the poor households), and its policy for the rural areas by improving family agriculture and carrying electricity to the country side.

If such programs would have been weighed Brazil would be better ranked. Notwithstanding, national advancement has earned broad international recognition that for Brazil still ails with shortfall, and so does the UNDP-HDI report.

Carvalho, for his part, assured that the evaluation system used follows three parameters: knowledge -measured through the education indicators; healthcare -measured through lifespan; and fair living standard -measured through the income rates.

"With all due respect, we have always been very cautious with such things (at criticizing international bodies). We understand worth while discussing the HDI report methodology. We are very sensitive with our improved social indicators that keep improving," he stressed.

Carvalho also revealed that the 2003-2010 President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (now taking treatment for cancer of the larynx) rang him to comment on the UNDP report which he qualified as unfair, and called on the government to question it. (Prensa Latina)