UNESCO to Vote on Palestine Full Membership

Paris, Oct 31. -The 36th General Conference of UNESCO plans to vote on Monday on the Palestinian full membership in that organization, after it was approved by the UNESCO executive council early this month.To become a full member of the UN Education, Science, and Culture Organization, Palestine, which currently has observer status, must obtain two thirds of the votes of the 194 UNESCO member countries.

Palestine Foreign Minister Riyad al Malki said they have enough votes to surpass that number.

If the Palestine full membership is approved, it would entail a huge impulse to the efforts for its recognition in the UN organization.

The issue, already approved by the UNESCO executive council on Oct. 5 at the request of Arab countries, is rejected by the United States, the main contributor to that entity.

The United States, which temporarily left UNESCO in the mid 1980s, this week threatened to cut its funds if the institution votes in favor of Palestine.

In contrast, a large group of countries from several continents regard as legal the Palestinian people's aspirations. (Prensa Latina)