Cuban Children Theater Company Performs in Oakland

San Francisco, Oct 28. -The Cuban children's theater group La Colmenita took over the joy of a school in the city of Oakland, California, ending its performance with a Caribbean rhythm.Dania Iñiguez, a special education expert at the Esperanza Elementary School, in eastern Oakland, told press that she has never seen "a show as interactive as this" in his 16 years as a teacher.

"La Colmenita is a clear example of what the Cuban education system has achieved," Iñiguez said.

At the end of the performance as the students left the hall, one of them was heard explaining what his favorite character was in the piece and others followed suit.

Invited by the Brownstone Foundation, the company's repertoire included two plays: the musical comedy "La Cucarachita Martina" (Martina Little Cockroach), and Abracadabra, and the performance of La Colmenita children's orchestra.

The group's closing performances will be on Oct. 28-29. (Prensa Latina)