Popular Parties consolidate local traditions

Pablo Peribáñez Hernández, President of the Local Assembly of the People’s Power in Santa Cruz del Sur, received a big support from the citizens from this town when he called to work for the economic consolidation and at the same time to know about our own culture,

And that is exactly what the celebrations of the Carnival 2011 in this territoy have been, a demonstration of the best of our traditions.

Old leatered drums, followd by cowbells, trompets and trombones put the unmistakable tune of the cuban rythm, while floats decorated with the dance smily girls, adolescents and youngpeople joined the celebration.

Art instructors and at keens of the Olga Alonso Culture House performed dances full of mambo and cha, cha, cha. (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz)