Bolivia: Indigenous Demands Still Unanswered

La Paz, Oct 21. -Bolivians await expectantly the government´s solutions over the demands of an indigenous march that has been claiming their natural resources to be respected for two days now in the capital.The march left the eastern city of Trinidad on August 15 to defend the biodiversity of the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS) despite that before demonstrators arrived in La Paz, President Evo Morales disclosed that the construction of the highway linking Cochabamba and Beni departments would be suspended.

The Plurinational Legislative Assembly inked an agreement stipulating that a previous referendum would be held with the participation of the real indigenous communities.

After arriving in La Paz, the demonstrators were called to hold talks at the seat of the vice presidency, but they want to meet Morales in his office, noted TIPNIS leader, Fernando Vargas. (Prensa Latina)