Jamaica on Expectation due to PM’s Resignation

Kingston, Oct 20. -Jamaica is going through political uncertainty after Prime Minister Bruce Golding said he would resign next Sunday, a month before predictions.The Jamaican head of Government, who took office in 2007, submitted his resignation at the end of September, but assured he would resign in November.

However, he said on Tuesday that Jamaican Education Minister Andrew Holness will replace him as the leader of the Jamaican Labour Party and the federal government starting next week.

Holness, 39, was a special assistant to former Prime Minister Edward Seaga between 1980 and 1989. Later, he held a seat in the Jamaican Parliament until his appointment as Education Minister.

Golding´s resignation is related to his interference – at the request of a U.S. company- in the extradition of a Jamaican drug-dealer from the U.S., the Jamaican newspaper Observer reported on its website.

Meanwhile, the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner links Golding's resignation with a decrease in popularity. (Prensa Latina)