U.S. Blockade on Cuba: Mass Violation of Human Rights

Beijing, Oct 19. -The U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba is a mass, blatant and systematic violation of human rights of a people and the main obstacle for its social-economic development, Cuban ambassador to China Alberto Blanco stated on Wednesday.

The denunciation was made public during a press conference in which the Cuban diplomat explained some aspects of the history and effects of that policy. The Cuban government will ask its unconditional end for 20th consecutive year at the UN General Assembly on October 25.

Blanco also talked about the Washington-imposed prohibitions against Havana, with economic damages exceeding 975 billion USD, and stated that President Barack Obama has maintained intact the laws and regulations comprising this policy.

It also maintains the ban on U.S. citizens to travel to the island, except for very limited exceptions and with very strict regulations, all without being able to export a single product or service to market on the other hand, he said.

Blanco predicted a new moral victory of his country and the international community on October 25 at the UN General Assembly, where last year, 187 nations voted in favor of the resolution, and only the United States and Israel voted against it. (Prensa Latina)