Travel Journalists Concern about Safety

Havana, Oct 13. -The insecurities and tensions in many parts of the world and particularly in Latin America today concern the members of the International Association of Latin Journalists and Writers on Tourism (VISION).A statement of the organization emphasizes the need for journalists to help combat this scourge.

The statement indicates that currently Vision is observing throughout Latin America debates on the issue of insecurity and the need to find a solution, hoping to solve this problem.

One of the most discussed issues among journalists in the area and the world is the case of Mexico, a country of great recreational wealth, overwhelmed by a severe crisis of insecurity, because of problems with drugs and mafia.

The text says that this issue will appear in an upcoming edition of the Mercosur Journal of Travel and Tourism, under the direction of Julio Debali, who also heads Vision.

Vision's main purpose is to take advantage of the tourism industry as a stepping stone for peace and security.

Vision has about one hundred members and aims to expand its scope in order to allow development of communication devoted to tourism.(Prensa Latina)